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why is sick as a dog a saying
why are dogs so sick


look at this sick dog

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since i saw the krew’s wanted posters i was wondering how any of them had mugshots yet for hours (literally “are these from the FUTURE somehow or ?????”) before i remembered that all of them have already had criminal records since like book 1 anyway and it’s badass and adorable at the same time and im an idiot

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Katara/Sokka throwback!


Clip from “The Stakeout”. From Nick.com

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angel beats


angel beats

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so i got bored and made an art blog last night that i’m planning to fill with original stuff, practice, and portfolio work by the end of next year (or school year more realistically maybe because damn)

it’s barely much now for obvious reasons but CHECK IT OUT ANYWAY FOLLOW AND WATCH ME PRACTICE AND GROW HOPEFULLY ~*~*~HUZZAH~*~*~

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the booty crew